A Song for Wayne
Dedicated to Wayne Isaacs

breaking news!

Yet another wonderful essay on “What taking up the harp has done for me.”  This one was written by Hospital-Certified Master Harp Therapist, Barbara Carlton.

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It’s official—not only are we now accepting applications and materials for our Spring 2015 Harp Therapy Certification Program, but if you pay for all of the modules on or before April 1st, you’ll receive a first time ever 10% discount!!  Call our office at 215-752-7599 NOW!

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Check out this wonderful article written by a wonderful writer, Naila Frances: Bedside Harp Soothes and Comforts

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Since 2002 Bedside Harp®, the first ever exclusively hospital-hosted, mindfulness-based harp therapy instructional and certification program, has been dedicated to promoting our field by providing service and training programs of excellence, ever raising the bar, setting and maintaining the highest standards for ourselves, our students and our graduates. Read what our host hospitals say about the difference we make in their facilities and read, too, what the patients say, what visitors say, what staff says, what our students say and what our graduates say about our work, our programs, and their journeys with us.

Our mission is to promote the therapeutic use of the harp in healthcare and wellness settings. Committed to making a difference, we are proud that, between February 2002 and December 2014, we have:

  • Delivered a five-minute or longer harp therapy session to 79,563 patients at the eight hospitals that have hosted our programs!
  • Played 19,769 documented hours of therapeutic harp in those hospitals!
  • Taught 716 people, aged 8 to 80+, who never before played the harp, to play for their own healing and enjoyment!
  • Graduated 79 Certified Harp Therapists hailing from all over the United States.  Forty-four, or 55.6% of them went on to achieve their Mastery levels of certification with us!
  • Graduated 6 Certified Instructional Mentors from our newest teacher’s certification program!
  • Awarded $11,913.12 in instructional and certification scholarships!
  • Completed five formal research projects — one of which earned us international acclaim!
  • Been recognized and honored by all of our host hospitals, Bucks County Community College, the Society of the Arts in Healthcare, Johnson & Johnson and healthcare professionals throughout our nation for our comprehensive training, high standards,  groundbreaking research, integrity, collaborative spirit and good work!


latest numbers

-- 2015 -- Feb YTD
Number of patients in our host hospitals who received live harp therapy sessions lasting 5 or more minutes 427 1138
Number of hours of live harp therapy delivered to patients, their loved ones, staff and doctors at our host hospitals 84.5 192.5

special moment
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In the ED, a male patient walked to the door of his bay to tell me how wonderful the harp music was.

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Norine Stewart

After reading an article on the positive effects on children when they take up music, Norine Stewart, Hospital-Certified Master Harp Therapist, Teacher and Harpist extraordinaire, posted this response to our question, “What has taking up the harp done for you?”

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Evelyn Thornley Sivori

Today we begin our newest feature—our professional and intern harp therapists answer the question, What has taking up the harp done for you?  Today’s response comes from Evelyn Thornley Sivori.

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“A Day With Edie” in Bensalem

Saturday January 24, 2015: Register now for “A Day with Edie” in Bensalem: Three workshops and lunch. Call 215-752-7599 for more information and to reserve a seat.

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Fall 2014 classes

Register today for instructional harp, harp circle, private lessons on Skype, and MBSR classes by calling 215-752-7599!

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Graduation 2014

What an amazing graduation celebration we had on Sunday August 10!  See pictures on our FaceBook page.

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Somerset Folk Harp Festival 2014

It’s that time of year again!  Off we go to the Somerset Folk Harp Festival at the Hilton in Parsippany, NJ.  Visit our booth, check out our harps and music and materials, and take Edie’s three riveting workshops!

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International Sound Therapy Conference

You won’t want to miss this extraordinary healing sound event—the 2014 International Sound Therapy Conference, “In the Service of Sound,” in North Andover, MA, June 20-26 features 14 presenters, 20 workshops, live performances.  Follow this link for details: International Sound Therapy Conference

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More in the news!

On Monday April 14th, Edie was interviewed live on “The Cathy Roberts Show,” on Voice America.  Tune in and learn about who we are and the work we do. Edie Elkan on Harp Therapy

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in the News!

Although harp therapy is NOT music therapy, this wonderful article by Michael Sewall is beautifully wrought and worth reading.Click here to read it!

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Lovingkindness Workshop: A Great Way to Start the New Year!

Awakening the Heart; Cultivating Compassion and Lovingkindness for Self and All Others:  Sunday January 26, 2014, in Bensalem, PA.  This daylong retreat focuses on the good already within us—opening the heart to feel more compassion, friendship, forgiveness and lovingkindness toward ourselves and all whom we encounter.  Edie Elkan, MA and Joseph Wieliczko, Psy.D., instructors.

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Christmastime in Bucks County

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we’ve put the finishing touches on our sparkling Healing Harp holiday tree at Bucks County Visitor’s Center, 3207 Street Road, Bensalem, PA.  Please stop by to see our masterpiece and cast your vote in our direction!  (Psst…You can take a peek at our tree on our FaceBook page.)

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Teacher Training Certification: Unit 3

Four awesome mentors-in-training begin Unit 3 of our Teacher Training Certification on October 23, 2013.

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Stash and Shay Skate to “A Song for Wayne”

See Stash, blind since birth, and Shay skate to Edie’s, “A Song for Wayne” at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMo4TsALVHQ 

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