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Since 2002 Bedside Harp®, the first ever exclusively hospital-hosted, mindfulness-based harp therapy instructional and certification program, has been dedicated to promoting our field by providing service and training programs of excellence, ever raising the bar, setting and maintaining the highest standards for ourselves, our students and our graduates. Our mission is to promote the therapeutic use of the harp in healthcare and wellness settings. Committed to making a difference, we are proud that between February 2002 and January 2019, we have: 

Delivered a five-minute or longer harp therapy session to 106,773 patients at the eleven hospitals that have hosted our programs!

Played 25,221 documented hours of therapeutic harp in those hospitals!

Taught 830 people, aged 8 to 80+, who never before played the harp, to play for their own healing and enjoyment!

Graduated 97 Certified Harp Therapists hailing from all over the United States and abroad.  Fifty, or 52% of them, went on to achieve their mastery levels of certification!

Graduated 8 Certified Instructional Mentors from our newest teachers’ certification program!

Awarded $13,906.00 in instructional and certification scholarships!

Completed five formal research projects — one of which earned us international acclaim!

Been recognized and honored by all of our host hospitals, Bucks County Community College, the Society of the Arts in Healthcare, Johnson & Johnson and healthcare professionals throughout our nation.

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