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2019 Harp Therapy Certification Class

Now accepting applications for our Spring 2019 harp therapy certification class. Three modules offered in real time online. Module III must be attended in person. Class size limited. Call the office for more information and to reserve your spot. Dates are: 

Module I “To Soothe the Savage Breast”: Fri, Sat, Sun 4/5,6,7 and Sat, Sun 4/13,14
Module II “Glimpses Within”: Fri, Sat 5/10,11 and Fri, Sat, Sun 5/17,18,19
Module III “Working with the Depressed, the Seriously Ill and the Dying”: Fri, Sat, Sun 5/31, 6/1,2 and Fri, Sat, Sun 6/7,8,9
Module IV “Creating Work for Yourself; Creating Yourself for Work”: Sat, Sun 9/7,8 and Fri, Sat, Sun 9/13,14,15