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Cancer Treatment Centers of America Hosts a Most Special Day!

The Eastern Regional Medical Center of Cancer Treatment Centers of America, in Northeast Philadelphia, one of our host hospitals, has graciously opened their doors to us on Sunday October 9, 2011, to host a most exciting day of workshops presented both by Edie Elkan and Julie Lyon Lieberman, now making it possible for more harpists and harp therapists to attend.

The day will include a morning session, to run from 10AM to noon, to preview and work through Edie’s newest book, Strikethe Harp and Join the Chorus: 130+ singable, strummable tunes for all audiences. This hands-on workshop is appropriate for all levels of harpists who want to expand upon their knowledge of chords, improve their ear training, and learn how to use the harp and the small lyre as instruments of accompaniment. All participants will be able to purchase the first-issue of the publication at a deeply discounted price.

We’ll lunch from noon to 1PM, and then at 1PM, You Are Your Instrument author, Julie Lyonn Lieberman, whose curriculum vitae reads like a list of this country’s finest music colleges and conservatories, presents a 3-1/2 hour workshop on playing safely. Julie has taught workshops on healthy playing and performing at Julliard, Berklee, Eastman, New England, and Manhattan School of Music. She has also written eight books and has recorded numerous instructional videos. Safe playing is a priority at Bedside Harp, since all of us want to be able to play our beloved instruments and serve patients, their family and all who care for them, for a long, long time. Doubtless, we’ll learn volumes from Julie and be able to play pain free forever.

Tuition is $120.00 for the day. To register, please call our office at 215-752-7599.  Registrations are limited, so call early to avoid disappointment. You’ll need to bring your harp tuned in C (you are able to play a C scale when all the levers are down) and a portable music stand.  Please arrive by 9:00 AM for registration and a tasty breakfast.