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Certified Graduates

Bedside Harp offers two levels of Certification: first and mastery. Those who complete 80% of their internship at one of our host hospitals shall also be designated, “Hospital-Certified.”  As of September 2022, all graduates renewing their certifications shall additionally be awarded the designation of CERTIFIED THERAPEUTIC MUSICIAN.  In accordance with NSBTM standards, to remain active, graduates must renew their certifications every two years by submitting documentation of the number of hours of continuing education coursework they’ve taken over that period of time. 


State City First Name Last Name Latest Certification Instrument Graduation Year Re-Cert. Due
California San Francisco Portia Diwa 1st level Harp 2008 2025
Florida Lakeland Brenda Hart Master Harp 2012 2026
Leesburg Suzanne Dougherty 1st level Harp 2023 master in prog.
Olsmar Jan Lucas Master Harp 2010 2026
Georgia Duluth David Penn 1st level Harp 2023 master in prog.
Illinois Willmette Roberta Phillips 1st level Harp 2023 master in prog.
Maryland St. Michaels Terry Thomas Primer 1st level Harp 2023 2025
Temple Hills Victoria Paytonwebber Master Harp 2018 in progress
Massachuetts Westford May Downing Master Harp 2013 2026
New Jersey Cranford Norine Stewart Master Harp 2005 2024
Edison Linda Larson Master Harp 2015 2025
Fair Lawn Nisatirut Little 1st level Harp 2022 2026
Highland Park Esther Marcus Master Harp 2015 2025
Devora Schiff 1st level Harp 2007 2025
Lambertville Mary Cupo-Cruz Master Harp 2014 2025
Livingston Renee Sachs Master Harp 2023 2025
Manchester Connie Arcilla 1st level Harp 2023 master in prog.
Paterson Yoshi Paulovich Master Harp 2023 2025
Ridgewood Barbara Carlton Master Harp 2012 2025
Linda Motashami Master Harp 2019 2026
Lynne Van Engel Master Harp 2014 2025
Rockaway Dianne Milanesi 1st level Harp 2023 2025
Washington Twnshp Janice Hogrefe Master Harp 2014 2025
New York Garrison Joy Plaisted 1st level Harp 2005 2025
Middletown Nina Rubin Master Harp 2004 2025
New York Susan Rosenstein Master Harp 2020 2024
Pearl River Lauri Craig Master Harp 2017 2025
Pennsylvania Bernville Wendy Thompson Master Harp 2018 2024
Flourtown Cheryl Cohen Master Harp 2005 2026
Hummelstown Jane Quinn Oskutis Master Harp 2010 2025
Lancaster H. Diane Penchansky Master Harp 2009 2026
Levittown Nancy Beal Master Harp 2007 2025
Beth Notwick Master Harp 2020 2024
Merion Ilene Miller Master in Progress Harp, Voice 2018 in progress
Sister Jane Urban Master Harp 2011 2025
New Hope Carol Carpenter Master Harp 2013 in progress
Darlene Tomlinson 1st level Harp 2023 master in prog.
State College Ellen Slingerland 1st level Harp 2014 in progress
Woodlyn Jeffry Brown 1st level Harp 2022 2024
Rhode Island Providence Laura Cole Master Harp 2007 2025
Vermont Bradford Patricia Stebbins Williams Master Harp 2013 2024
Bridgewater Susan Malerich 1st level Harp 2017 2025
Wisconsin Kaukauna Audrey Nowak Master Harp 2018 in progress