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Certified Master Harp Therapist/ Certified Master Therapeutic Musician Program

Harp Therapy Certification for Adults-An Exciting, New Program!

This intensive one-year program of study, developed for first-level graduates Bedside Harp as well as of other NSBTM Therapeutic Musician Programs, offers you the opportunity to:

  • Earn a well-respected credential
  • Deepen your knowledge base
  • Advance your playing skills
  • Cultivate a mindfulness practice
  • Expand your career horizons
  • Become part of our compassionate and highly supportive therapeutic musician community

Pre-requites include graduating at Bedside Harp’s first level of certification.  For those having graduated from another NSBTM program, the following pre-requisites must be met:

  1. Passing our first level harp therapy course exam (must be taken prior to being accepted into the mastery level)*
  2. Recording yourself playing 40+ tunes from a variety of genres as well as improvising (also must be submitted and approved prior to being accepted)
  3. Taking our online 36 hour course through Bucks County Community College, “Conversations on Ethics for Therapeutic Musicians (offered each fall and may be taken either prior to or after beginning to matriculate at the mastery level)
  4. Watching and writing reflections on the  movies included in our first level of harp therapy certification (some you may have already viewed)
  5. Reading and writing reflections on the 10 required books included in our first level of harp therapy certification (some you may have already read)

The fee for our review of your pre-requisites is $200.00, payable to Bedside Harp. Should you go on to take the program, that amount will be applied toward your tuition, You will need to pay an additional $350.00 to Bucks County Community College for the online ethics course offered every fall. Should you require remedial work on any of the above, that can be accomplished in private mentoring sessions at the rate of $75.00/hr.

Our master harp therapist program includes one 20-hour classroom module presented over 2 weekends, a 120 hour closely mentored internship (where you will receive 1 contact hour with a master harp therapist for every 10-12 hours you play), a 3-hour music only intensive session with your class, reading and writing reflections on 10 mastery level books, taking a 48-hour online course on research (offered through Bucks County Community College each spring), submitting 2 pre-recorded harp therapy sessions, writing and presenting a practicum project on some aspect of the work or the music, and passing a final review.

The entire master harp therapy program is offered virtually, so no travel is required.  Should you wish to graduate in 2024, you will need to apply by September 1, 2023.  The cost of the Bedside Harp master harp therapist program is $1500.00 for the two modules (classroom Module X and internship Module XI) plus $375.00 to Bucks County Community College for their online course, “Conversations on Research for Therapeutic Musicians.”


Topics explored in Classroom Module X:

  • Harmonic Discipline: The Science Behind Sound, Music and Listening
  • Deepening Therapeutic Music Offerings
  • Keeping Repertoire Fresh and Up-to-date
  • Music Theory for Therapeutic Musicians
  • Playing with fewer strings
  • Therapeutic Music Research
  • Survey of a Clinical Training Continuing Education course in Mind Body Medicine, taught by Dr. Herbert Benson, of Harvard Medical School
  • Expanding employment opportunities to include playing in behavioral health, educational, and wellness settings
  • Cultivating and incorporating self care practices in our daily lives.

Certification Pricing

  • Classroom Module (Module X) $750
  • Mentored Module (Module XI) $750
  • Ethics Course & Research Course at Bucks County Community College $725

    An additional $350.00 for the Ethics Course pre-requisite for graduates of NSBTM programs other than Bedside Harp as well as $375.00 for our mastery level Research Course, paid directly to Bucks County Community College,

  • Total Certification Cost $2,225

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