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Exciting Happenings at Bedside Harp!

As we begin our 15th year, we’ve got some very exciting breaking news about our latest favorite harp and about our Spring 2016 certification program.  Our latest and greatest bedside instrument is our 28 EX, a hybrid (carbon fiber neck and column; spruce soundbox) strap-on harp that goes way down to E two below middle C.  Favorite tunings on this instrument are Bb and Eb, but of course, it’s also marvelous tuned in C.  Weighing in at about 6-1/2 pounds and having a powerful, round sound, it’s a great harp to play at the bedside as well as to play for groups and celebratory gigs.  Call our office for more information.  Special discounts for Bedside Harp students as well as for students of other harp therapy programs.

We’re also thrilled to be offering one weekend for each of our four classroom harp therapy certification modules at The Valley Hospital in Ridgewood, NJ, making it far more convenient for New York and north Jersey harpists.  Again, be sure to call our office at 215-752-7599 for more details.