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Over The Rainbow Honor Pages

We hope these pages will be a place of healing—a place to honor those we have loved, those who have impacted our lives, those whom we never want to forget. We hope too, that these pages will serve as a place where we can write about our own grief and sadness and through that, experience healing.

Perhaps an entry will be one or two lines. Perhaps it will be several paragraphs. That’s how it is. We may know nothing about someone except his or her last moments on earth or we may have known that person our whole lives. We make profound connections in this, our life journey, and need a place to honor those whom we hold dear and those for whom we’ve played in their last days. Writing about them helps us honor ourselves and our own feelings as well.

There may also be times when we who do this most sacred work, want only to read about the experiences other have had. So be it.

I know that these pages will, as everything has with Bedside Harp®, take on their own life with each contribution. May they provide comfort and healing to all!

Where troubles melt like lemon drops,
Away above the chimney tops
That’s where you’ll find me …

Benjamin Bigelman

Benjamin Bigelman (1892-1960) was 21 years old when he traveled to America, hidden in the steam room of a freighter enroute from Odessa in the

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My dear friend is suffering with breast cancer. Her mother died from breast cancer and this fact only stressed her more. She and her husband

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George Kellinger

Born to Czech immigrants on July 3, 1925, George Kellinger was the only child of an accomplished cabinetmaker and a homemaker and caretaker. Losing his

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What I called her says it all. My grandma. Grandmas are loving, sweet, kind, generous and can wrap you in a hug you still feel

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Joan Fairbairn

When I think of Joan, I remember her joyful smiles and her absolute delight over playing the harp.  Taking her lessons with Leslie Stickley, Joan

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Marie Mackell

Marie was a most exceptional and accomplished woman. By her early forties, she’d made enough money to never have to work another day if she

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Marilyn Lemke

Marilyn was the very first person to call Bedside Harp to inquire about our newly created programs.  A number of years later we discovered that

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Milton Segal

As Phyllis was my surrogate mom, Mr. Segal-my name for him always-was my surrogate dad. When I first met him in 1958, I was the

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Morton Cohen

A devoted and loving husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather, Morton Cohen (1911-2000) was 89 years young when he passed away suddenly in December 2000. Morton

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Phyllis O. Koiwai

Phyllis Koiwai, my teacher, dear friend, and sometimes surrogate mom, was diagnosed with a late-stage, highly aggressive form of ovarian cancer two days before Thanksgiving

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Ruth Moore Cobb

Ruth Moore Cobb was Jane Taylor’s first and primary teacher.  Upon Mrs. Cobb’s passing in 2013, Jane set up several memorial scholarships to honor her

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Sara Barth

Sara Barth was actually the sister of a good friend of the grantor of these scholarships. Interestingly, Sara and our grantor never once met face

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Wayne A. Isaacs

Several weeks before I first met Wayne, I received a brand new, very striking, beautiful sounding therapy harp made of highly figured spruce.  Oh, how

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