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Marilyn Lemke

Marilyn was the very first person to call Bedside Harp to inquire about our newly created programs.  A number of years later we discovered that her birthday, February 4th, was the very same as that of Bedside Harp’s—that is, it was February 4th that we officially became a registered company in Trenton, NJ.  From that time forward, we would always send each other happy birthday wishes that day.

Marilyn’s love affair with the harp began in her early years. Following her graduation with a degree in education from the University of Illinois in Urbana, IL, she became a harpist with the Oklahoma City Orchestra.  Some years later she settled in Oreland, Pennsylvania, teaching elementary students for about 30 years.  When she retired, she returned to her first love—her harp. 

Besides being the first to call Bedside Harp, Marilyn was in our first harp therapy certification class, becoming a Hospital-Certified Master Harp Therapist in 2003.  Always wanting to stay current, she re-took all of the classroom modules a number of years later.  As part of her Bedside Harp journey she began composing music for the harp, played professional hours for our organization for over 10 years, gave harp lessons, and mentored and inspired countless harp therapist interns.  Marilyn will forever live in our hearts. 

We have established two memorial scholarships in her memory and, with permission from her daughter, are honored to publish and make available to others, Marilyn’s Gentle Whispers, her collection of beautiful music for the therapy harp.