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Ruth Moore Cobb

Ruth Moore Cobb was Jane Taylor’s first and primary teacher.  Upon Mrs. Cobb’s passing in 2013, Jane set up several memorial scholarships to honor her dear teacher. 

Mrs. Cobb had a long and very impressive background in music and the harp.  Soon after her graduation from The Hutchison School in 1943, Mrs. Cobb went to New York City to study with Carlos Salzedo, a world renowned harpist and teacher and one of the two fathers of modern harp.  She studied at the Dalacroze School in New York and then went on to study with Salzedo at the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia.  Studying with Salzedo for many years, Mrs. Cobb toured extensively with the Salzedo Ensemble.  She was also a founding member of the Memphis Symphonietta, which became the Memphis Symphony Orchestra, where she was Harp Chair.

Her student, Jane Taylor, writes of her dear teacher, ” Ruth was a strong but gentle teacher, a consummate musician, the epitome of of Southern lady, my mentor, and my very dear friend.  She was also very supportive of my harp therapy work.”

Jane has most generously set up two harp therapy certification and two instructional harp memorial scholarships to honor her esteemed teacher, mentor and friend.