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Sara Barth

Memoir by Anonymous

Sara Barth was actually the sister of a good friend of the grantor of these scholarships. Interestingly, Sara and our grantor never once met face to face. When our grantor’s friend died, Sara called our grantor to let her know of her sister’s demise. Before long the two of them struck up a telephone friendship-checking in with each other from time to time, sending cards and notes through the mail, wishing each other happy birthday and holidays. Then out of the blue it seemed, our grantor received a call from an attorney who said he was handling the estate of Sara Barth. Sara had left our grantor the same sum of money she’d left each of her family members-to let our grantor know just how much their friendship meant to her through the years. Our grantor turned to Bedside Harp and most generously set up four scholarships to benefit students who wanted to take up the harp.