Striking A Notable Difference In Healthcare Since 2002

Wayne A. Isaacs

Memoir by Edie Elkan

Several weeks before I first met Wayne, I received a brand new, very striking, beautiful sounding therapy harp made of highly figured spruce.  Oh, how I wanted it—but alas, weighing in at over 10 pounds, I had to admit that it was far too heavy for me to use for my hospital rounds.  I remember saying aloud, “What a perfect harp this would be for a strong, tender-hearted man.”

When I met Wayne at an information session at Bucks County Community College no more than three weeks later, I knew at once my wish had been granted.  I mentioned the harp to him that very day and less than a week later, it was his. 

Wayne was a joy to work with.  An accomplished musician, pianist and teacher, he moved quickly and with great ease through those first instructional harp lessons and was ready to begin our harp therapy certification program shortly thereafter.

Wayne played all of his clinical hours at Abington Memorial Hospital, where everyone loved his easy and compassionate ways.  He graduated as a Hospital-Certified Harp Therapist in August 2010 and immediately began working on his master harp therapist certification.

I had the privilege of spending long hours with Wayne and his lifelong partner, Stash, throughout Wayne’s illness.  As I played for him at his bedside, a recurring melody came through my fingers.  Although I had never before composed, it was clear to me that the song I kept playing was Wayne’s.  I was able to let him know that and also, that I intended to publish it so that others could play it as well.  I can very nearly see the beautiful smile that crept over his face when he heard this news.

Two memorial scholarships in his name have been put into place by a number of his friends and Bedside Harp.