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Our hurry-up, multi-tasking, autopilot world exacts a terrible toll on our bodies, minds and spirits.  Bedside Harp’s Center for MindBody Studies & Practices presents a wide variety of offerings designed to promote wellness, reduce stress and facilitate healing for adults ready to transform their lives.


Instructional Healing Harp: Since Biblical days and perhaps even earlier, the harp has been used as an instrument of self-healing and empowerment.  For the past eighteen years we’ve taught over 800 people to play our small, 23-27 stringed instruments which produce rich, warm sounds and gentle vibrations.  Our user-friendly methods have you making beautiful music from your very first lesson, even if you’ve never before played an instrument. 

Mindfulness Courses, Workshops & Daylong Retreats:  Escape from the busy-ness of everyday life to focus on things that really matter in life—your relationship with your self and your relationships with others.  We explore such topics as introduction to mindfulness, mindful eating, mindful living, cultivating compassion, finding forgiveness, managing anger and more.  Held in various locations and individually priced.


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