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Now Accepting Applications for our Spring 2018 Certification Class!

We’re so excited that our Spring 2018 harp therapy certification class is now forming.  Whether you join us in person or in real time remotely (for three of our four classroom modules), you’ll receive comprehensive, evidence-based training, one-on-one mentoring, music instruction solidly rooted in music theory and become part of a deeply caring, supportive and empowering community of harp therapist interns and grads.  Call our offices today at 215-752-7599 to begin your Bedside Harp journey. 

2018 Module dates are: Module I (5 days): ” To Soothe The Savage Breast” Friday to Sunday 4/13-15 and Saturday, Sunday 4/21-22; Module II (5 days): “Glimpses Within” Friday to Saturday 5/11-12 and Friday to Sunday 5/18-20; Module III (6 days): “Working with the Depressed, the Seriously Ill and the Dying,” Friday to Sunday 6/22-24 and Friday to Sunday June 29-July 1; Module IV: Creating Work for Yourself; Creating Yourself for Work (5 days): Friday to Sunday 9/21-23 and Saturday, Sunday 9/29-9/30.