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Marie 23XP Harp (New)


After playing over 2,500 hours of hospital rounds, Edie longed for a lighter weight harp having the same rich, round sound as her Marie 24. As always, Dwight Blevins granted her wish first, with his creation of the 23 Marie Petite, smaller and shorter than her sister harp, the Marie 24. But Dwight didn’t quit there—several months later he created the 23 string Marie XP (ranging from C below Middle C to D 3 above), still producing those soothing, mellow tones—that highly responsive, sonorous bass wonderfully balanced by the higher sweet tones. Unbelievably, the XP weighs in at just below 6 pounds and is a perfect fit for everyone, most especially harp therapists under 5’4”. Like all of our harps, the Marie XP is sold as a package which includes a full set of gold plated levers, a high grade weather-resistant padded case, a quality strap with a removable pad and a tuning key.

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Strings: C – D
Finish: Light Cherry
Wood: Butternut Walnut
Sound Board: Birch
Dimensions: 31.5 X 19 X 7.75
Weight: 6lbs
Levers: Comes with Full Levers

Additional Options:
Le Stick – $175.00
You can choose to have your Le Stik match your harp or painted in a color of your choosing.