Marie 27FX "Great Blue" Harp


Once again, Edie came to Dwight Blevins with a dream:  Could he produce a beautiful resonating therapy harp that went lower than the C below Middle C and still be light?  Dwight went back to his drawing board and created the amazing 27 string Marie Great Almond and Great Blue.  As far as we know, this is the world’s first hybrid therapy harp—the column and harmonic curve are made of carbon fiber and the soundbox is made of spruce.  These fabulous instruments weigh in at 6 pounds!  Edie plays the Great Blue wherever she goes these days and believes that those lower tones truly make a real difference at the bedside. The range of the Marie Great Almond and Great Blue is from F two below Middle C to D 3 above Middle C.  As all of our harps, it comes as a package with a full set of Truitt levers, a quality strap and removable pad, a quality weather-resistant case, and of course, a tuning key.  Optional is an installed input jack.  Please call our offices at 215-752-7599 for the prices on this model, the FX27.

To learn more about the Marie Harp, click here.


Strings: F – D
Finish: The soundboard will be unpainted and with a clear finish. The neck, column and sound box will be painted in a color of your choice. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities for color.
Wood: Spruce-Sound Box / Birch-Soundboard
Dimensions: 37 X 21.5 X 8
Weight: 6lbs. with Full Levers

Additional Options:

Piezo Pick-up Installed: $175.00
Smoother Carbon Fiber (Shows Less Texture in the Carbon Fiber): $125.00

Building Our Marie XP Harps

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