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Strike the Harp and Join the Chorus


Strike the Harp and Join the Chorus:  One hundred and forty-one sing-along, strummable tunes, offers the harpist a number of wonderful learning opportunities: 1) how to use the harp as an instrument of accompaniment,  2) how to hear and then anticipate chord changes, and 3) how to nearly instantly, increase your repertoire exponentially, and 4) how to play all these tunes in eight different keys.  Focusing on one chord and one key at a time, Edie first teaches the harpist that chord’s properties and when and where it is likely to be used. She then offers up a number of clear illustrations of how to use it—one or two handed.  Included as well are large-type, reproducible lyrics ideal for sing-alongs in nursing homes and parties.  Whether accompanying herself, someone else, or another instrument, this book is a must for all harp therapists and harpists alike.


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