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Special Moments

About The Work We Do

These notes, written by our professional and intern harp therapists as they performed rounds at our host facilities, offer the best understanding of the power of a little harp in healthcare.

No Better Send-Off

In my second time around the floor, this patient was standing at the door, clearly waiting for me. “Can you come in and play?” he

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Playing for Her Mother

I was called in by the patient’s daughter, who said, “Can you come play for my mother?  She’s been given last rites, but I know

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The Poem

 It wasn’t even necessary to poke my head into the room and ask if anyone would like me to come in and play. Her beaming

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A Mother’s Helper

The patient was an 18-month-old girl.  Fussing and cranky, her mom was quite worried.  Not only that, she also had her five-year-old son with her

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Keep Playing!

I arrived at my local hospice where I play once a week. Right away I was told about a new arrival who did NOT want

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Heart and Soul

This patient was on a stretcher in the hall with her daughter and a nurse. She wore sunglasses and sat up when she heard me

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Playing Favorites

The patient near the door was sitting in his chair leaning on the tray table, with his head in his hands.  The patient near the

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Heaven on Earth

This older female patient was sitting up at the edge of the bed.  Her daughter was standing next to her and when she had heard

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Down the Hall

As I entered the hallway, I heard non-stop screaming from a patient down the hall.  Staff were busy entering and leaving that room.  As I

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