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A Beautiful Encounter

This middle aged woman waved me to come in when she saw and heard the harp in the hallway.  As I walked in, she said, “I like this kind of music.”  The room had many bouquets of mixed flowers from the woman’s daughter and a get well balloon floated to the ceiling.  She said, “I need this today, it is my first day of radiation.”  I played many hymns for her, specifically “How Great Thou Art,” “Be Not Afraid,” “In the Garden,” and “Chant Shalom.”  When her phone rang she said to the person on the other line, “I will call you back, I am listening to beautiful harp music now.”  I continued with “Music of the Night” and “Somewhere over the Rainbow.”  As I was playing she closed her eyes and breathed slowly and sighed often.  She opened her eyes as I was leaving and said, “God bless you. I really needed this today. Thank you.”