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A Healing Moment

I had barely made it to the waiting area when I was stopped by an elderly gentleman who wanted to listen for a few moments.  His eyes closed as he leaned against the wall.  After a short period of time he opened his eyes, and they were filled with tears.  He thanked me for playing for him, explaining to me that his wife had just been taken in for hip replacement surgery.  He said he was terribly worried and afraid for her.  After seeing the harp and hearing the music, it had soothed his worries.  He spoke for a few minutes, inviting me for coffee in the midst of his questions and comments.  He then took my hand and kissed the back of it as he said his goodbyes, again thanking me for being there for him.  This seemed to open the flood gates in this area, as there were many comments about how calming the music was, both from patients and family members with many expressions of gratitude and thanks as I moved about the room.