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A Sing-Along in the Cardiac Unit

As I walked into the Cardiac Unit, I saw several visitors sitting in the waiting area.  Two of the women looked up at me with wide eyes and big smiles.  They said, “Oh, please come in!  Oh, wow, a harp in the hospital.  How wonderful!!”  They were very animated.  Their eyes were glued to my harp and they asked all kinds of questions about it.  One of the men in the group said, “I heard you playing ‘Tammy’ in the hallway.  It was great!”  I played “Edelweiss” and “Till There Was You,” and they started singing and humming along.  They all thanked me profusely and one woman said, “It made me forget why I was here.”  Another woman said, “I know we’ll be humming these songs the rest of the day!”