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David’s Harp

As I passed the elevators, I saw a surgeon sitting at the desk in the waiting area. He called to me and waved for me to come over. I walked over to him and he smiled and said, “Please play some soothing music for me.” I played and soon a female with a soft cast on her hand came and stood in front of the surgeon. He began ask-ing her questions about pain meds and he indicated that I should continue to play. He proceeded to change the large dressing on the hand that had been operated on and I continued to play. It seemed awkward to be playing for a doctor changing a bandage in the middle of a waiting room with many people passing by but that’s what he wanted. The doctor told me about the Biblical David and King Saul and the effects some of his patients had experienced with harp music and he was very convinced that the live harp music was better than recorded music.