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“Did You Get Hurt…?”

There were two residents playing a card game at a table in the corridor.  They waved from down the hall, calling out for me to play for them.  They remembered me playing for them in the past and the female resident told me that after my last visit that she enjoyed the harp music so much that she looked up harp music on You-Tube because she loved it and found it so calming and relaxing.  They enjoyed the music, singing along with some of the tunes.  The female resident warmly said, “You don’t know how much this means to us. It is so relaxing.”  As the session was ending she emphasized, “We do appreciate you coming!”  The male resident chuckled and said, “Did you get hurt when you fell with the harp?”  I was confused and told him that I didn’t fall.  “Yes, you did,” he insisted with a smile, “When you fell from heaven.”  We all laughed and I told them how much I enjoyed playing for them.