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Going Home

This female patient who appeared to be in her 50s was just leaving the nursing station and returning to her room when she heard the harp music. I was in the corridor and she began excitedly waving her arms and requesting that I play for her. We went into her room and she was gushing with warmth and excitement over the music. She was dressed with her belongings on the bed and said she was packing as she was being released today. She sat on the bed as I began to play for her and her eyes shone with excitement. She requested that I play “Amazing Grace” and clasped her hands together and as played her favorite song. It was clear from her expression that it was very meaningful to her. She sang along with a beautiful voice as I played it for her. She noted to me that she found music to be very powerful and said that she was so happy she could cry. I gently created a cradle of sound for her as she spoke about her love for music and she told me she couldn’t believe that she got to see me! She shared that she had been feeling uneasy about leaving the hospital but now she was feeling much stronger. “You made my day!” she ex-claimed! When the session ended I wished her well as she warmly thanked me and threw a kiss my way.