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Happy birthday baby!

As I came back around again near the nurses’ station, one of the nurses looked up at me with a big smile, thanked me and asked me to go to one of the rooms. She put a chair into the door of the room. As she stuck her head into the room she told the parents that she had a BIG surprise for them. She told me they had just had their baby and all was well. She told me they would love my music! When I got to the doorway the curtain was closed around the family. I began to play “Happy Birthday” as I entered the doorway and I heard the mom say something about the harp lady and in a moment, the husband peeked out the end of the curtain, smiled and thanked me before going back in with the baby and his wife. They commented and began to sing along with me as I played “Happy Birthday!” They were cooing and talking to the baby. After a few minutes a nurse entered their curtain to check on them and the baby too because he began to cry as the nurse checked him. I continued to noodle and play children’s songs until the head nurse came in, thanked me for spending so much time with them and for helping them all to do their jobs better!