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Harp Music Evokes Patient’s Smiles and Daughter’s Tears

The visitor of this patient came out of the room and into the hallway as I passed.  I asked if her patient would like some music and she said, “Yes, I think she would.”  I went into the room and the patient smiled from her bed.  The visitor sat in a chair next to the bed.  As I played, the visitor began to cry, so I asked if I should stop, but she shook her head “no.”  I stood between the two beds as the patient in the bed by the window was enjoying the music also.  Soon the doctor came into the room and commented on how the music must have made the patient feel better because she was smiling for the first time in several days.  Later, the visitor came to me in the hallway and said her mom was to be moved to hospice today and did not have long to live.