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Music Everyday

Just as I was going to go back to the elevator I went beyond and into the other side of the unit. I came upon a female patient in her room who waved me in. She was so excited, she said, to have me come in and play for her. “I have to have music every day. I couldn’t live without it!” she said. She was covered right up to her chin with the sheet and blankets on her bed. She kept pulling the blanket up as I played and as she talked. She was very chatty and cheery. She talked about lots of things including her husband and his career in the military. She also talked about how concerned she is about him since she is the one who is sick. I played a mixture of songs and some she sang along and hummed with. She seemed to have a story about most of them that I played, what show the song was from; who sang it; what she was doing when she heard it other times. She talked about her life and how blessed she had been. After a while I suggested she might like to rest and let the music soothe her worries and she readily agreed. After a few moments, she let out her big sigh and when she opened her eyes, there were tears in them. She said they were tears of healing and of joy. The music meant so much to her and really helped her to calm herself and be ready for whatever is next for her. She continued to praise the power of music in her life as I continued to play and noodle. I wished her well and thanked her for the privilege of playing for her. As I left she thanked me.