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Once Again, A Little Harp Makes Things Better

The nurse was finishing up in this patient’s room as I entered the unit, and the patient’s wife called me into the room as she moved back the curtain.  The patient was alert and oriented, sitting up in bed and smiling.  He said, “You must be here to serenade me.  You’ve got my whole family here.  This is so beautiful, I just love watching you play.”  I played a number of familiar tunes as the patient’s family came and went.  They eventually all came back in, and they sat quietly and watched, smiling at the patient as she relaxed into the music.  The patient sighed and said, “Thank you for making my day.  This is wonderful and I thank you.  I really could have used you a few days ago when I was having such bad pain.  I think your music would have helped a lot.  I can feel it making me better.”