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Special Moments

About The Work We Do

These notes, written by our professional and intern harp therapists as they performed rounds at our host facilities, offer the best understanding of the power of a little harp in healthcare.

Try… try again

As soon as I walked through the doors of the ED treatment area, a gentleman asked me to stay near this room and play for

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The Power of Music

I stood in the doorway and played “‘Til There Was You.” The patient said, “Grazie!” and motioned for me to come into the room. Realizing

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The Best Medicine

Patient sitting up in chair heard me walk thru hallway and said, “Oh! That is so beautiful. The most beautiful thing I have heard here.

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Vibrations of Peace

I was playing “Greensleeves,” when two young women walked by and one said, “That’s what I’ll remember.”  I noticed both were crying.  I asked if

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Music Everyday

Just as I was going to go back to the elevator I went beyond and into the other side of the unit. I came upon

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Going Home

This female patient who appeared to be in her 50s was just leaving the nursing station and returning to her room when she heard the

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Music as Medicine

As I neared a nursing station at the corner, an older man was speaking to two nurses. He was trying to be polite, but it

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David’s Harp

As I passed the elevators, I saw a surgeon sitting at the desk in the waiting area. He called to me and waved for me

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In the ED, a male patient walked to the door of his bay to tell me how wonderful the harp music was.  He was began

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Making a Difference

I played the harp softly outside the doorway of the patient on this ICU floor where a male patient was in bed with his eyes

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