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Singing to a “Recording”

When I came into the room, the patient by the door was lying on his bed.  The curtain was drawn between the two beds and I noticed that the patient by the window was sitting in a chair at the foot of his bed just looking into space.  He did not look at me or acknowledge me in any way so I stood at the foot of the first patient’s bed and played a song for him.  He was smiling and enjoying the music.  I asked him for a request and he said, “How Great Thou Art.”  At that moment I heard the other patient say, “That’s a wonderful old hymn!”  I moved toward the center of the room so both patients could watch and listen.  The patient by the window began to sing as I played.  At first his voice was a bit raspy but as he sang I heard a beautiful tenor voice coming out!  He loved singing!  I played several more hymns and he sang to all of them.  The patient by the door enjoyed the harp and the singing and complimented his roommate on his beautiful voice.  The window patient, who had basically been unresponsive at first, really perked up and told me about how he used to sing in his church choir.  Just then the curtain was drawn back and a female visitor looked at me surprised and said, “I didn’t know you were here!  I thought Dad was singing to a recording!”  We all laughed.  The patient by the window was definitely energized, and the patient by the door said, “That was so soothing!  You really made my day!!”