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Soothing Notes

Strolling and playing in the hall of a patient unit, I paused outside a room when a patient and his visitor came out.  They brought a chair with them so the patient could sit down.  The patient said, “Do you mind if I sit with the music for a while?”  He seemed very weak, and I offered to move into his room so he could lay in bed and listen, but he said, “I’d like to stay here.  That way other people can hear you too.”  I moved to where the patient could see me clearly and I played through many familiar songs.  He watched closely and would alternately smile and tear up as he listened.  He seemed to be deep in thought, and when I finished he said, “I’ll remember this.  Thank you so much.  This has made my day.  I heard you come through last week but I was feeling too bad to invite you in.  I’m so glad you came through again so I could tell you how soothing your music is.”