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Try… try again

As soon as I walked through the doors of the ED treatment area, a gentleman asked me to stay near this room and play for his wife. The door was closed and as he began to open it, a staff member in the room called out, asking for a few more minutes. I could hear the patient moaning and calling out inside the room. I assured the gentleman I would be back. On my return, the door was open and the patient’s husband was standing next to her, attempting to assist her move to a more restful position. She was still moaning and clutching at him as he attempted to distract her by calling her attention to the harp. She glanced over but was not engaged by the music. He worked with her as I played from the doorway, finally helping her onto her back so that she was more comfortable. He made sure she was warm and relaxed and then called her attention a second time to the harp. This time, she lifted her head and saw me and very quickly, her moans slowed noticeably and eventually stopped. I stayed with them for quite a while, the husband murmuring to his wife as he stroked her hand, the patient now quiet with her eyes closed and the room peaceful.