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Submit an Honor Page

Because of privacy and confidentiality issues, when writing about a patient, we ask that harp therapists not use the honoree’s name, but rather, refer to him/her by an initial not relating to their real name. Your story will appear under the initial you so designate.

Your entry will be reviewed by the Bedside Harp® staff. We reserve the right to edit for grammar and content.

We require your name, email, and phone number to contact you if we need to verify your entry. If you want your email address published on the honor page, please check the box at the end of the form.

If you wish to set up a scholarship in the honoree’s name, it is our practice to inform the honoree’s family before posting the honoree’s name on this page. In that case, please include the honoree’s name and his/her family’s contact information. Thank you.