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Teacher Training & Certification Program

Teaching instructional folk harp for self-healing, is what we have been doing in our classes at Bedside Harp® since 2002. This training and certification program is required of all of our instructional mentors and is now available, on a limited basis, to those who want to learn our unique methods which have worked toward healing and empowering adult students, with and without music backgrounds, who are drawn to play the harp.

The course consists of four Units of study (Units 1 to 4) and may be taken in person or online.   For those taking the units online,  you must have a dependable, high speed  internet connection as well as either a laptop or desktop computer with a functional camera.  Tablets are acceptable, but not preferable.  While connecting by phone is possible, doing so does not allow for maximum interaction and is therefore unacceptable for participation in all of our online offerings . Certification requires an additional unit of study (Unit 5). Renewal of your certification will involve a minimum number of classroom teaching and/or a minimum number of private student teaching, as well as a minimum number of continuing professional units (CPUs) which can be earned by attending relevant workshops or taking relevant college courses.


Three-day workshop: This unit is the required prerequisite for all subsequent units, for it is here that the principles of teaching not only harp but music as a healing art are presented. Most adults come to this instrument with some amount of fear, doubt and trepidation. How do we empower them instantly? How do we teach music fundamentals to those with learning challenges? How do we work with special students – the hearing impaired, the blind, the disabled, those undergoing special medical treatments? And above all, how do we make sure that students receive solid instruction on music fundamentals and music theory but not be stymied by it? Three days of lectures, films, and interactive exercises, including working with real-life beginning students, forms the foundation for all that follows.

Three-day workshop which takes students through our Beginner I ten-week semester. Many innovative teaching ideas and tools are presented in this and all units. Students begin to develop a working repertoire of playing tunes by ear, improvising and playing with notation.

This three-day workshop takes students through our Beginner II ten-week semester. This unit also offers many innovative presentations and techniques. Students will continue to develop their repertoires.

Three-day workshop takes students through our Intermediate level ten-week semester, again offering innovative ideas and techniques. Students will continue to develop their own repertoires.

  • 10 hours of mentorship (you are observed and given feedback)
  • 10 hours of observation (you observe others teaching)
  • 10 contact hours with a certified Bedside Harp® mentor

Among other benefits, certified mentors and certification mentor interns will:

  • be able to teach Bedside Harp instructional folk harp classes;
  • be invited to participate in conference call discussions;
  • be offered discounts on refresher workshops.


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