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Harp Therapy

At The Bedside


From biblical times it was known that the sounds of the harp offer unique comfort to the sick and ailing. Only in the last few years have scholars begun to document the amazing results. In fact , it appears that the very vibrations of the harp affect the listener in fairly profound ways—from lowering blood pressure to offering gentle comfort, to evening out breathing, to lessening the need of pain medications, to calming anxiety.

The harp in medical settings can now be found in emergency rooms, birthing centers, neonatal units, patient rooms, rehabilitation centers, cancer centers, Alzheimer’s units, nursing homes, hospices, doctors’ and dentists’ offices—the list just goes on and on!

What is Harp Therapy?

Playing the harp at the bedside is a form of harp therapy, a general term used to describe the continuum of types of therapies in which the harp is used.

Bedside Harp® in Your Hospital and Medical Facility

Bedside Harp® has programs available to all medical facilities who wish to add some magic to the day of patients, their families, those who care for them and the community.

Invite us to demonstrate how very extraordinary the effect of a 5 or more minute one-on-one session truly is.

Bedside Harp® at Your Life Care Community and Nursing Home

At life care communities, nursing homes and dementia units, we play upbeat familiar tunes from days gone by both for groups and for individual residents.  Favorite musical games include singalongs and “Name That Tune.”  Residents—including those who typically do not respond to other activities—as well as staff can’t help but keep the beat and join in. 

Bedside Harp® for Your Loved One

Harp therapy makes a most special gift for someone ill or confined. Add to the harp’s wonderfully soothing sounds and gentle vibrations, the pleasure of knowing that one of our certified graduates has come to play their harp expressly for your loved one’s well being and comfort, it becomes clear what a truly magical present a session of harp therapy is.


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