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Marie Mackell

Memoir by Edie Elkan

Marie was a most exceptional and accomplished woman. By her early forties, she’d made enough money to never have to work another day if she so chose to do so. She decided to go to school-to earn that degree that had eluded her in her youth. She started her journey at Bucks County Community College, amazing herself with her high degree of understanding of all the subjects presented and her exemplary grades. Graduating with an Associate of Arts in 1984, Marie went on to get her Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance. Even though she’d dazzled the world of finance as a young woman, she needed that degree to affirm her ability. Tragically, five years after she’d proudly walked down the aisle to receive her diploma, Marie was diagnosed with an aggressive form of lung cancer that had spread to her brain. She fought the disease bravely and toughed out its ravages with grace and dignity. This scholarship was put into place by someone who admired and loved her.