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Morton Cohen

Memoir by Edie Elkan

A devoted and loving husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather, Morton Cohen (1911-2000) was 89 years young when he passed away suddenly in December 2000.

Morton retired in 1970, after a 28 year distinguished career with the federal government’s Defense Supply Agency. He’d probably tell you that that’s when his life truly began. Indeed, he loved his retirement years and turned that period of his life into an art! Soon he convinced his wife to retire as well and together they traveled frequently. Loving nature and all its wonders, Mort became an avid gardener and nature enthusiast. He also became the family problem solver. Morton was a quiet man, taking everything in, but commenting only when he thought what he had to say might illuminate or cast deeper understanding to the conversation or situation at large.

He and his wife, Anna, were best friends, raising two daughters and later, doting on seven grandchildren, and delighting over two great-grandchildren.