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Harp Flash Mob @ Neshaminy Mall

Twenty-five harpists from Bedside Harp, traveled to Neshaminy Mall from as far south as Virginia and north as New York State, to surprise shoppers on Saturday December 3rd with a first-ever harp flash mob.  The group delighted the young, old and in-between shoppers with holiday songs, ending with a beautiful rendition of “Silent Night.”  NBC

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Lynne Van Engel

“When I think of what the harp has meant to me, the words sharing and discovery come to mind. Music has always been part of my life – from piano lessons, to the Young People’s Concerts conducted by Leonard Bernstein, to clarinet, guitar, banjo and harpsichord. But, when I started harp lessons seven years ago,

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Laughter Yoga

Laughter Yoga has the potential of not only brightening your life, but also brighting the world.  Our two-day LY certification program May 16-17 presented by certified LY teacher Alexa Drubay ($300.00/pp), trains you to lead community and senior groups in this delightful therapy.  Don’t delay—register today!

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Norine Stewart

I began taking piano lessons when I was 7, and continued on and off for several years. In high school I took up the double bass, and that was my instrument for 45 years. I’ve been thinking about the article, and its claims that playing an instrument helps children with reading, verbal and math skills,

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Barbara Carlton

What Taking Up the Harp Has Done for Me Learning to play the harp has brought music back into my life and provided me with a joyful activity to pursue in the years ahead. For that I am truly grateful. Becoming a hospital-certified master harp therapist has given me the ability to share the gift of

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